Emergency Services

AHVEC veterinarians and nurses are available when your vet is closed to attend to your pet in an emergency.

The team is a dedicated emergency & critical care team, with extra training and qualifications in this field.

We see pets for life threatening emergencies, such as snake bite, road trauma and toxicities, but we also see pets when owners feel their pets are ‘not quite right’.

Often pets need to be hospitalised to diagnose and treat their ailments.

We have full laboratory diagnostics on site, as well as radiology (x-ray), ultrasound and fully equipped surgeries.

When you arrive, your pet will be triaged by a qualified emergency nurse, and your pet will be seen by a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

The most urgent cases are seen by a veterinarian immediately.

Just call 1300 302 912, we are here to help.
Vets In Operating Theatre
Cat check up

Critical and Overnight Care

Many of our patients are referred for care overnight so your regular vet and vet nurses can go home and get some sleep. Overnight care involves being in the ward with constant attendance by veterinary professionals, with regular full examination of vitals, and lots of cuddles. All treatments prescribed by your veterinarian are given at specified times.

For more critical patients, we have intensive care capability, including oxygen therapy, ventilation and constant monitoring. Changes to treatment are sometimes necessary on the most critical patients, as the status changes from hour to hour.