per case

For a full assessment and veterinary consult we charge a minimum of $210 on a weekday, a minimum of $230 on a Saturday and a minimum of $265 on a Sunday and public holidays.


Estimate Provided

If it is recommended that your pet be admitted to hospital, you will be provided with a full estimate for your consideration prior to admission. Hospital Care relates to all  procedures pertaining to the care of your pet whilst in hospital. This may include x-rays, blood tests, overnight care, oxygen therapy, post-operative care, medication and veterinary intervention.


Estimate Provided

If it is recommended that your pet undertake a surgical procedure you will be provided with a full estimate for your consideration prior.

Pet Transport


depending on travel distance

Ambulance transport is provided to and from your regular veterinary practice. Fees range from $30 to $260 depending on the distance travelled, the number of clinical staff required on the journey and the critical level of the case. Your referring vet will provide you with a quote.

What you are paying for?

AHVEC receives no government funding.

Our continuing operation relies 100% on clients and referring vets.

Our charges are determined by the employment of professional vets and nurses at after-hours wage rates. Ensuring that a great team is ready to care for your pet when the other practices are closed.

The remaining cost is the maintenance of the hospital and equipment to deal with every possible emergency.

We understand that there is no time to prepare for an emergency, it can be financially as well as emotionally stressful when a terrible accident occurs to your pet after hours. Your consulting veterinarian will provide the most accurate estimate possible of the costs of treatment, and will work through any alternative treatments with you at the time. 

Upfront Payment and Deposits

Payment is required at the time of consultation.

If your pet requires admission to hospital the vet will ask you for an initial deposit with payment in full to be made at the time of discharge.

Payment Options

We are not able to provide credit or accounts, but can offer the following payment options to approved applicants: