Emergency Care, when you need it most

We provide after hours emergency and critical care services for all small animals in Tasmania

Is it an emergency?

Please bring your pet in immediately if they have:

Been bitten by, or found near a snake

Been straining to urinate

Collapsed or had a seizure

Difficulty breathing or is squinting

Blue or very pale gums

If unsure, just call 1300 302 912, we are here to help.

Critical vs non critical

Critical life-threatening emergencies should come straight to us. If you have time, please call ahead to let us know when you’re coming.

If your pet is not having a critical emergency, we encourage you to first try making an appointment with your primary care veterinarian if they’re open and able to get you in. Alternatively, you can always use our ER in a non-critical emergency, but please recognize that we triage cases as they come in and there may be a wait for your pet to be seen.

As you would understand, we must treat those cases with the most life threatening conditions first. If your pet had been hit by a car or was in heart failure, you would want them tended to before the pet with an ear infection…remember this and be thankful that your family member is not in the condition that warrants us to rush them into treatment. Triage is not a game you want to win.

Please be Kind

Please appreciate the veterinary professionals who work hard to ensure your pet has access to the healthcare he or she needs.

While the majority of our clients are grateful, it is demoralizing and unacceptable for any of us to be verbally abused, yelled at, or threatened for simply trying to do our jobs.

We are always recruiting for positions to support our hospital, but there just aren’t enough veterinary professionals out there, especially those experienced in emergency and critical care.

Our team work long hours and give 110% while on shift.  They love animals and only want the best for your pet. Please be kind.


If you call, our team will provide you with reassurance and basic advice. You know your pet so if you are at all concerned, come in immediately for a consult.

Upon Arrival

Your pet will be triaged if necessary and information given to you regarding wait times. If your pet is very unwell when you arrive, or becomes more unwell while you are waiting, they will be taken immediately into the hospital.


Receive expert advice from our clinical team. We charge a minimum of $210 on a weekday, a minimum of $230 on a Saturday and a minimum of $265 on a Sunday and public holidays. Any further treatment or medication required will be advised by the Vet and charges are additional. Hopefully we can send your fur baby home with you!


If the Vet advises that your pet needs to be admitted to hospital you will receive an estimate based on your pet's individual treatment requirements.

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