Going Away on a Holiday?

Going away on a holiday?

Going away on holiday and worried about leaving your furry friend behind?

Want to ensure your pet receives veterinary attention without delay in the event of an emergency or sudden illness when you are not around?

Register your pet with AHVEC

By registering your pet with us we will be able to identify them quickly, be aware of any ongoing issues, medications etc, and be able to provide prompt veterinary care if you are not easily contactable.

If you provide us with a few details about yourself, your pet and the person caring for your pet, we can add them to our database. This ensures we have all the basic information needed to provide efficient emergency treatment.

Once your pet is registered with us, whenever you are going away, just contact us and let us know the dates, together with any updates to your pet’s information, and we will update their file.

Please ensure your pets’ carer has our contact details in case of an emergency, ask your veterinary clinic for a magnet, or come in and pick one up from us.

You can also ask your regular day vet to email us your pet’s medical history so that we have access to all their latest medical records.

Emergency first aid is provided to all animals as soon as they arrive at our clinic; please be aware however that we do not run accounts, and if any ongoing treatments are required, arrangements will need to be made for payment.

If you would like to register your pet with us for an upcoming holiday, please complete the following form…

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Dates of your planned holiday

Pets Carer (while you are away)

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