About Us


AHVEC – After Hours Veterinary Emergency Centre

At AHVEC, we understand that your pets are important family members, and they can get sick at any time of the day or night. You want peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s health. We are here for you outside normal clinic hours, providing immediate, high quality emergency veterinary care. Established in 2011, we are the first and only emergency veterinary clinic in Tasmania.

Our Veterinarians and Nurses have a special interest in emergency and critical care medicine and that is all that they do. We do not provide any routine veterinary services such as vaccines or wellness exams. Should you have an emergency with your pet after your regular veterinarian has closed for the day, feel comfortable knowing that AHVEC is there to do everything they can for your pet.

Critical Care: Because your pets can’t tell time…

In the case of a true emergency, every minute counts. You will have direct and immediate phone access to a trained veterinary nurse or receptionist, as well as an experienced emergency veterinarian that can see your pet at any time during the night, on weekends or public holidays. 

AHVEC runs on the same principle as that of a human hospital emergency department. As an emergency service there is no appointment schedule. We respond to, and treat cases based on our assessment of most urgent need.  However, it does assist us if you call ahead.

Upon arrival, the triage nurse will assess the urgency with which your pet requires assistance, performing a preliminary examination, obtaining a basic history of the problem and taking record of your pet’s vital signs. You will then have a chance to discuss your concerns with the duty Veterinarian and receive care for your pet.

Overnight Care: We don’t sleep so you can…

AHVEC works in conjunction with your General Practice veterinarian to ensure your pet is cared for 24 hours a day. We provide overnight monitoring of patients referred to us from surrounding veterinarians.  This monitoring can vary based on the need of the pet. This means that your beloved pet will not have to be alone in hospital anymore. There will be someone there with them all the time.

When morning comes, we will arrange with you to come and collect your pet and return to your regular preferred general practice for ongoing care.

Finally, Tasmanian pet owners will have one central place to go in case of an emergency.

Sleep easy knowing that AHVEC is here for you.